Elisabeth Weissensteiner's path into arts started by studying German language and art history at the University of Vienna. She obtained her PhD on a topic in literature under Wendelin Schmidt-Dengler in 1983. These intellectual roots are still characteristic for her approach to art: a subtle investigation of sense, of the space in-between is present in all her art work. Also a curiosity and a desire to explore is driving her, being suspicious towards default paths. Her art is often leaving us uncomfortable, being ourselves questioned in our certainties.

Elisabeth worked as an artist since her PhD. She soon became member of the Künstlerhaus, Austria's oldest artist association, and is now also a member of the Grazer Autorinnen Autorenversammlung (GAV), Austria's largest writer association. She obtained a work study grant of the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts (Maine, USA, 1988), and is also a trained graphic designer (WiFi Designzentrum Pöchlarn (TAFE), Austria, 1995). Elisabeth has exhibited and studied in many countries (USA, China, France, Denmark, Germany, Hungary). Her work is represented in federal, state and regional public collections. She maintains links to academia as visiting lecturer and reviewer (Akademie der Künste, Vienna; RMIT University, Melbourne) and in projects linking science and arts (The University of Melbourne; University of Bremen).

Elisabeth can be contacted via:



Hauptstrasse 79
2340 Mödling
Tel +43 2236 860457

Solo Shows (selected)

2019 Die Prinzessin mit ihrem Spielzeug, Werkstätte für maßgeschneidertes Sehen, Wien (4 June - 6 July)
2015 Open Mind and Bound Mind. Shown at Arnold Leibler Bloch October-December 2015
2015 Three Yellow Dancers Floating. Yering Station Sculpture Exhibition, October-December 2015
2015 The Other Me - An Inverse Mirror. Interactive installation shown at TU Vienna Beginner's Day September 2015
2014 Bodies and Spirits. Solo show, Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne, Australia (November-December)
2014 Presented by Anna Pappas Gallery at Art Athina, Athens, Greece (May)

The Blindfold Game oder Das Wissen der Welt: Art-science project with Michael Schmitz (xm:lab, HBK Saarbrücken) and Antonio Krüger (DFKI, Saarbrücken) and students. Interactive installation, sculpture and props. Dachatelier, Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Saarbrücken, Germany (April)

2014 Mirror Brain. Künstlerhaus Saarbrücken, Germany (March-April)
2012 Mirror Brain. Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne (16 November to 21 December)

Mirror Brain: Entre Deux
Galerie Michaela Stock, Vienna, Austria (27 June to 25 August)

2012 Mirror Brain: Perception - Cognition
Künstlerhaus Vienna, Austria
(18 June to 8 September)
2011 Mirror Brain
Art-Science Project at the Centre for Cognitive Sciences (Cognium), University of Bremen, in collaboration with Dorothea Brückner
2011 Fragments and Dances
Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne
2009 What Remains
Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne
2009 Wolkenkuckucksheim ("Cloud Cuckoo Land")
Interactive computer installation
22 screen and 860 random image transitions permanently installed at Cognitive Systems, University of Bremen
(supported by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and Hanse Institute for Advanced Studies) (detail, 2MB)
2009 Verknüpfungen
Photo-based work and sculpture, Hanse Institute for Advanced Studies, Delmenhorst, Germany (pdf)
2009 Verknüpfungen
Photo-based work and sculpture, Art-Station Kollmitzberg, Lower Austria
2007 Verknüpfungen
Photo-based work and sculpture, Galerie am Lieglweg, Vienna, Austria
2006 Introspectatio
Über Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2006 I See - I Site - I Sight
Two Lines Gallery, Beijing, China (with Maggie McCormick and Tony Scott)
2005 Pink Pouches
Gasworks Arts Park, Melbourne, Australia
2005 Within Without
Linden - St Kilda Centre for Contemporary Arts, Melbourne, Australia
2004 New Work
Gallery Chapman&Bailey, Melbourne, Australia
2004 Lebzelter / Weissensteiner
Galerie Ulrike Hrobsky, Vienna (with Georg Lebzelter)
2001 Herz-Schmerz
Galerie kunstraumarcade, Mödling, Austria (with Flora Zimmeter and Kerstin Cmelka)
2000 Dingfest
Kunstwerkstatt Tulln, Austria
1999 Gallery Cachet, Vienna (with Helga Cmelka)
1998 Museum der Stadt Lienz, Austria (with Christine de Pauli)
1997 Galerie Tiller, Vienna (with Helga Cmelka)
1996 Schalen-Weise
Blaugelbe Galerie, Vienna, Austria
1995 Galerie Inge Freund, Klagenfurt, Austria
1994 Galerie kunstraumarcade, Mödling,Austria
1994 Galerie Unart, Villach, Austria
1992 Meine Augen durchwandern ...
ATP Architekten & Ingenieure, Vienna, Austria (with Brigitte Lang)

Juried Shows (selected)

2023/24 Connected III
Künstlerhaus Vereinigung Wien, Vienna, Austria (6-16 Oct 2023), and Gallery Sdruzeni Hollar, Praha, Czech Republic (2024)
2006 De Natura
Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna, Austria
2005 Sculpture by the Sea
International sculpture exhibition, Sydney, Australia
2004 Sculpture by the Sea
International sculpture exhibition, Sydney, Australia
1997 Fiberart International 97
International Biennale, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, USA
1995 Fiberart International 95
International Biennale, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, USA
1990 International Felt Symposium, Aarhus, Denmark
1990 Textile Arts Festival '90, Bradford, UK

Invited and Group Shows (selected)

2023 Secret Art Lounge: Maggie McCormick, Chris Bold and Elisabeth Weissensteiner, Northcote, Australia (30 April)
2023 Readings of own prose and poetry (Music by Monika Kuttner), kunstraum arcade, Mödling, Austria (18 March)
2022 Secret Art Lounge: Maggie McCormick, Chris Bold and Elisabeth Weissensteiner, Northcote, Australia (27 March)
2022 Ideenreichstoerer - Niederösterreich. kunstraum arcade, Mödling, Austria (May - September)
2021 Natur/Entwürfe und Wirklichkeiten. kunstraum arcade, Mödling, Austria (May - September)
2020 Zeitfenster - Hang on to what keeps you going, kunstraum arcade, Mödling, Austria (May - September)
2020 Secret Art Lounge: Maggie McCormick, Chris Bold and Elisabeth Weissensteiner, Northcote, Australia (16 February)
2019 Notationen, verdichtet (16 November 2019 - 25 Januar 2020)
2018 Perchtoldsdorf, Austria
2017 Jeremy Bakker und Elisabeth Weissensteiner, Kunstverein Baden, Austria (22 September - 29 October)
2013 in.print.out, Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna, Austria
2012 Show White. Group exhibition by blackartprojects, Cremorne, Victoria, Australia (19-30 September)
2011 Korean International Art Fair
Exhibited by Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne
2006 Global Fusion Close UP
International group show, Palais Porcia, Vienna, Austria
2006 Melbourne Art Fair
Represented by Über Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2005 Artists Curate Artists
My space basement, Vienna, Austria
2004 Licht und Schatten
Blaugelbe Galerie Zwettl, Austria
2002 Sehsession #1
Projekttheater Studio, Jazzfest Wien, Vienna
2001 Work with Paper
NÖ Dokumentationszentrum für moderne Kunst, St. Pölten, Austria
1998 7 Vitrinen
Künstlerhaus Vienna, Austria
1998 Kunst in der Landschaft
Gut Gasteil, Austria
1998 14th Symposium International Fiber Art, Graz, Austria
1998 Knot as They Seam: Puns and Permutations in the Fiber Arts
Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, USA
1997 Papier, Textil und andere Materialien
Saarländisches Künstlerhaus, Saarbrücken, Germany
1995 Lebens-Kunst
Barcelona, Spain
1994 Fahnenfestival Krems, Austria
1991 Ineinander
Musee du Feutre, France

Curated Shows

2005 Wandering between the Worlds.
10 artists between Austria and Australia, Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna, Austria
2004 Egremont - A Show in a Suitcase.
Group show of Australian artists, Galerie kunstraumarcade, Mödling, Austria

Public Commissions (selection)

2011 Arcadian Dances
Ubertas Property Management Pty Ltd.
Linking Laverton, Hobsons Bay City Council (shortlisted)
Cognitive Systems, University of Bremen, Germany
2009 Cyril Curtain Reserve, Hobsons Bay City Council (shortlisted)
2009 St Kilda Memorial Hall Redevelopment, CH Architects, Melbourne
(Finalist "Best Contribution to Urban Art", City of Port Phillip Design Development Awards 2010)
2008 Clarinda Community Center, City of Kingston, Melbourne
1999 Fruchtkapseln, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Austria
1998 Puzzle, Gerstnergasse, Kindergarten of the City of Vienna, Austria
1998 Füllhorn, Bank Austria, Austria
1996 Flügel, Bank Austria, Austria

Public Collections (selection)

Department of Arts, Republic of Austria
Museum of Lower Austria
Musee du Feutre, Mouzon, France
City of Lienz, Austria
City of Mödling, Austria

Art Related Activities

  • Video and text for Gerlinde Thuma, Danube Dialogs, Novi Sad, 2018
  • Artist in Residence and visiting lecturer at xm:lab, Hochschule für Bildenden Künste, Saarbrücken, Germany (2014)
  • Elisabeth Weissensteiner, Dorothea Brückner: MIRROR BRAIN: Picture and Experience, Leonardo 47(3), 2014.
  • Elisabeth Weissensteiner, Christian Freksa: Wolkenkuckucksheim: Art as Metaphor of the Mind, LEONARDO 45(5), 2012.
  • Examiner/Master of Arts, Art in Public Space, RMIT University (2010, 2011, 2013)
  • Artist in Residence at Bee Research Unit, Center for Cognitive Science, University of Bremen, Germany (2011)
  • Art and Space. Presentation for CH Architects, Melbourne (2010)
  • Panel discussion member: Creating Art in Public Spaces. Art and Social Space, Architects for Peace, RMIT University (2010)
  • Wolkenkuckucksheim - Where Art and Science Find Common Ground. Fellow Lecture at Hanse Institute for Advanced Study, Delmenhorst, Germany (2009)
  • Artist in Residence, Hanse Institute for Advanced Studies, Bremen, Germany (2009)
  • Artist in Residence, Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, China (2006)
  • Visiting Lecturer, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia (2005)
  • Visiting Lecturer, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
  • Member, Künstlerhaus Wien, Austria
  • Founder, conTEXTILES, Vienna, Austria

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